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If you want to learn how to dance, I would highly recommend Shin Dance Academy. The dance studio teaches a wide range of styles: from Chinese Classical and Folk dance to ballet and hip-hop. Shin is an excellent teacher, dedicated in sharing her knowledge of dance with her students. Of course, constructive criticism is a must in the process of learning, so she will instruct you, in hope that you will improve. You will only grow with the critique and the encouragement she gives you. The staff and students at Shin Dance are all very kind people and they help further spread the passion for dance with people in the community. Shin Dance Academy has taught many students and has strived to make the best dancers out of each and every student.



Great environment to nurture dancers whether looking for a professional career in dance or a recreational experience. The teachers are motivated to teach up to date curriculum to their pupils and the dancers flourish. Great programming for all ages. I would highly suggest this school for dancers looking for the best instruction in Chinese dance (Shin is the best), ballet, and other dance forms as well.

'Melissa W.'


Four years ago, the moment I stepped in Shin Dance Academy, Shin's pretty touched me by her bright smile, sweet voice, and each movement. I was totally attracted by her elegance and talent. Dancing is my dream ever since I was a little girl. Never ever dare to imagine I still have chance to learn Chinese dance in US, don't mention to find such a great teacher. At very beginning, I was feeling like an ugly duckling bumping into swan team. Everyone else were flying while I was struggling to stand stably. Obviously, Shin noticed that. What she did is to provide me more chance to try, to practice. Even I failed, she always used her eye contact to encourage me keep on trying to reach the goal. Day by day, class by class, I am catching up, I am changing, not only just getting fit body shape, acquiring dancing skills, but also being more optimistic. How to accurately describe Shin? That is not easy.  Everyone knows her official title is the artist director. For me, she is much more beyond that. She is super talented in dancing, no doubt about. A true master of dancing. It is such a blessing for us to find top level artist being our teacher at oversea. Different from any dancing instructors I have ever met, she blends rich cultural elements into her teaching. History, folk custom, calligraphy, poem, literature are all her topics to help us better understand the real meaning of each dance, to enlighten our true feeling for the dance. We all are really impressed by her wealth of knowledge and rich life experience. Her teaching style make our learning procedure very enjoyable. As adult student, advanced dancing technics are never our strength. However, Shin always say: "the most important is you have the heart for dance" . The longer time I learn from her, the more meanings I get from simple word"heart". That is the eagerness for dancing art, the respect for the teacher, the pursuit of dancing better, the persistence, never giving up, the trust of the whole team, the humble learning attitude, the sincere attitude toward the audience and much more. She is still a mystery for me and I always want to dig out how many more talents she has to surprise us. Designer probably is another proper way to describe her. Designing whole performance including choreography, stage, music, lights, rehearsal, even highlight custom by her own drawing. All these are from her creatives. Many times, after her magic touch, we finished a lot of "mission impossible". Coming to Shin dance, knowing Shin is one of my best blessings coming to US. If you love to dance, if you want to enjoy colorful Chinese Culture, if you want to see the most elegant artistic director, come to Shin Dance Family. Let's dance.

'Jenny W.'


It is DEFINANTLY a Great Academy! I have to give a 5 star. People are very friendly and they love to help you with your techniques. They KNOW you are SERIOUS and they will REALLY HELP you. Shin dance rocks cause it has the right teachers with the right attitudes and passions to teach , not passion to make money. Shin dance studio helps you with great attitude. Teachers are responsible, straight, definitly wont teach you new things til they feel you are ready.

'Ying Xin Z.'


Shin Dance Academy features a wide range of styles, including all the traditional to contemporary Chinese dance styles, and ballet, hip hop and so much more. I love Shin because she truly cares about her dancers, and she is REALLY GOOD. She is absolutely dedicated to the passion and to helping her students grow on an individual basis. The other teachers are caring and talented too, and fellow dancers here treat you like family. It's a lot of fun for those looking to try something new, and it's definitely the place to go if you want to become a better dancer.

'Julia L.'


I have been dancing at shin dance for nearly 8 years and it's now my second home. the teachers are great, there are many types of dancing taught at shin dance, and everyone is very nice.

'Jasmine C.'


Students ranging from ages 3 to adults performed traditional and contemporary Chinese dances choreographed by Shin Wang, instructor of the studio at 5839 Temple City Blvd. "It was a rush of emotion," said Nicole Wei, 14, of Arcadia about her studio's performance. "I think people are misinformed of what Chinese dancing really is. We get to show what its become and the evolution. Christina Sia, 20, of El Monte and Jacqueluene Lin, 20, of Hacienda Heights feel the studio has offered them a sense of pride of their Chinese heritage and an education about their culture.

'San Gabriel Tribune'

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