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Jiang Duo 'Dora' graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2012, with a Major in Dance Performance. She achieved was Academia Excellence and received many scholarships during her school period. Dora was awarded the title "Outstanding Members of the Communist Youth League of Shanghai" by Shanghai Committee of the Communist Youth League of China. 

Cecchetti Ballet 

Cecchetti Ballet ShinDance

The Cecchetti Method is a disciplined system of ballet instruction designed with careful regard for the laws of anatomy. The Cecchetti trained student is better able to absorb the basic principles which govern the art rather than the mere imitation of an individual’s teaching style. Programs include weekly technique classes for beginning thru professional levels, weekend workshops, yearly ballet examinations and annual Summer International Ballet Seminars. Based on international standards, examinations are designed to give students and instructors of the Cecchetti Method a greater sense of purpose while ensuring that each level has been successfully accomplished before progressing to the next.

Miss Jaha Vanderford is the first African American to be the principal ballet dancer in the noted production "The Glory of Christmas." This production has been presented for more than 25 years at the Crystal Cathedral, 12141 Lewis St. in Garden Grove. 

A native of St. Louis. Mo., Miss Vanderford is an excellent dancer. Her rhythmical movement was precise, executed with grace and expertise.

The performance she gives with her partner is fantastic. This is her third year in this production and has danced in "The Glory of Easter" for two years.

Dancing since the age of four, Miss Vanderford became serious at age 12. Her training in ballet was received at the Ballet Conservatory, with Nathalie LeVine; Butler University, with Marek Cholewa; and with Alexandra Zaharias at Alexandra School of Ballet. … 


Shamrock-CliftonShamrock Clifton began her love-affair with dance at the age of five. Ms. Clifton credits her foundation and discipline to her teachers, Shin Yue Wang, Stephen Mucsi, Yen Han, Paul Maure, and Xue Wen Yue. Since age of 12, she discovered Chinese dance at Shin Dance Academy; dancing and training several times a week until she was 18. Subsequently, this took her love for dance to a new level and Ms. Clifton chose to pursue a professional dance education curriculum at the 'Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and California Institute of the Arts'. 

daisy-huangOriginally from Guang Dong, China, Ms. Daisy Huang graduated from the Guang Dong Province Dance School and completed advanced studies in choreography and artistic direction at the Beijing Dance Academy.

wellnes-group-02wellness-classA dance aerobic exercise class for women that enjoy stretching and dancing to a Jazz style dance form.





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