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Jaha Vanderford

Miss Jaha Vanderford is the first African American to be the principal ballet dancer in the noted production "The Glory of Christmas." This production has been presented for more than 25 years at the Crystal Cathedral, 12141 Lewis St. in Garden Grove. 

A native of St. Louis. Mo., Miss Vanderford is an excellent dancer. Her rhythmical movement was precise, executed with grace and expertise.

The performance she gives with her partner is fantastic. This is her third year in this production and has danced in "The Glory of Easter" for two years.

Dancing since the age of four, Miss Vanderford became serious at age 12. Her training in ballet was received at the Ballet Conservatory, with Nathalie LeVine; Butler University, with Marek Cholewa; and with Alexandra Zaharias at Alexandra School of Ballet. … 


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