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Shin Dance Academy

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5839 Temple City Blvd., Temple City, CA 91780  



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New Classes!! Featured


At Shin Dance Academy we always do our best to create new classes.

If for some reason you see a class 'not open' or are interest in a class at a different schedule, simply contact us and submit your request. When we have a minimum of 6 students requesting the same class, then we open as soon as possible.


Take a look at our class schdules.

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Oscar Bustamante

Known for being husband to Shin Yue Wang, Oscar Bustamante grew up in West Los Angeles with a background in commercial photography. Before establishing his career as a photographer, he managed a retail clothing store at the Beverly Center and later the Front Counter Manager at Paris Photo Lab, (a very prestigious photo lab that serviced the top advertising agencies in Los Angeles). This experience developed his skills neccessary to direct and administrate the continuous growth at Shin Dance Academy.

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Sophia Zhou

Customer service is very important to a happy experience. We understand to ask questions and have them answered to our satisfaction, is the way we make choices. 

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