Shin Yue Wang Featured

Artistic Director - Ms. Shin Yue Wang is an award-winning performing artist with more than 30 years of experience in stage productions and dance instruction.

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Cheng Ying Ma

cheng ying maCheng Ying Ma is a famous Tibetan dance artist, is also renowned as a first-rank dance educator. Mr. Ma is from the Qing Hai Tibetan area. He has a reputation for being one of the best Chinese minority group dancer.

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Frances Wong Thai

frances wongFrances Wong Thai has done a wonderful job over the last 9 years at Shin Dance Academy, sharing and teaching Ballet to children beginning as young as 3 years old to teenagers. Watching Frances has been an absolute joy because you can see she really cares about the growth of her students. She has a fun no-nonsense approach that children seem to gravitate towards.



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Shamrock Clifton

Shamrock-CliftonShamrock Clifton began her love-affair with dance at the age of five. Ms. Clifton credits her foundation and discipline to her teachers, Shin Yue Wang, Stephen Mucsi, Yen Han, Paul Maure, and Xue Wen Yue. Since age of 12, she discovered Chinese dance at Shin Dance Academy; dancing and training several times a week until she was 18. Subsequently, this took her love for dance to a new level and Ms. Clifton chose to pursue a professional dance education curriculum at the 'Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and California Institute of the Arts'. 

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Meilu Zhai

Meilu-Zhai-portraitMeilu Zhai started dancing at age four and graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy with a degree in Performance Ballet and Ballet Education. Zhai danced for the National Ballet of China for 8 years, with leading roles in "Firebird," "Carmen" and "In the Middle, Somewhere Elevated.” Zhai has performed on some of the world's premier stages including the Paris Opera House, Royal Opera House in London and the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

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Daisy Huang

daisy-huangOriginally from Guang Dong, China, Ms. Daisy Huang graduated from the Guang Dong Province Dance School and completed advanced studies in choreography and artistic direction at the Beijing Dance Academy.
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Shan Jiang

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Rebecca Fu

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